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Claiming via Self-Employment Income Support Scheme - Covid-19


Feel free to forward the link to this blog onto other sole traders that you know.

You can now find out if you are eligible to claim via this scheme and receive 80% of your earnings from the government.

If you're not eligible, the system will tell you straight away. Just enter your UTR and NI numbers and it will either tell you that you are not eligible or it will tell you that the registration will open at 8am 14/5. It will also prompt you to log into your gateway account to provide you with further details to get ready for it.

Please use the link below to find out if you're eligible.

If you'd like to find out more about the scheme please follow this link I hope this is helpful. If we work together already i can find out for you if you're eligible. I won't be able to do the claim for you tho as your personal log in details are required. These are your personal details and you shouldn't give these to anyone.  HMRC did say that they will contact all the sole traders directly and that you don't have to do anything until then. This letter/email would tell you if you are eligible or not. I think that they are still aiming to do that.  Saying that, this was put into place I think to make sure that you feel in control and giving you the heads up on what is coming, the opportunity to be involved and to get ready. Good luck Stay safe / Stay at home

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