• Yarka Krajickova

At what point should you hire an accountant, and what value can they bring to your business?

I'd suggest to start looking for an accountant as soon as you start trading and before you register with Companies house and HMRC.

And the answer to your 'what value does an accountant bring?' question - here are more than a few whys:

1. It is important to say the right thing when dealing with HMRC and CH

2. They know the HMRC and CH lingo

3. Hiring one gives you the time to spend working on your business, spend it with your family and children...

4. You don't have to remember any deadlines, they'll remind you

5. Their role is to save you money on overheads, taxes ...

6. They'll organise your finances and save you time on admin time

7. Set you up with a working spreadsheet or a suitable online accountancy software

8. Save you time on reading pages and pages on the latest legislations and expense allowance changes ...

9. They are there for you to advise you through out the year. Whether it is tax related or your're making a however small or big financial decision.


10. Stress-free accountancy - you have the piece of mind that your books are accurate. Is this fair value for the fees that accountants charge? If there is more - what more would you like from your accountant?

Feel free to comment and discuss.

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