Mums and Dads In Business

M&D In Business is a monthly local networking event that Red Monkey organises as part of its very own support local businesses programme. It is full of new ways to help your business and you to grow in the process. This event is focused on parents who wouldn't get the chance to network otherwise but it is for everybody who’d like to learn and network at the same time.

It is child-friendly so toys and a soft mat will be in place to entertain the littlens. There will be space for pushchairs as well.

Each time we'll have 2 speakers and topic will vary from accounts, marketing, self-care, fitness, sales, design, website... 

Part of the programme is to help showcase a product a local business does such as cards, jewellery, home decorations, art ideas for children ... It is usually sold on the day at a discounted price.

If you're interested in speaking at the events, display a product or leave business cards or freebes to promote your business, please get in to touch.

Tickets are £12

20% of the profits go to The Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity,

registered charity No 1043603

The rest of the profit will then help to grow the events so we can raise more funds.




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