I’m Yarka, and with over 15 years’ experience in working in accountancy, I’ve supported businesses of all sizes with ‘all things accounting’ – from book-keeping, to filing returns, and producing management reporting.

I’m a licensed accountant and fully qualified with AAT.

I currently only accept new clients for tax returns and year-end accounts under Stepping Stones Accountancy name. SSA is a team of 4 including myself offering accountancy services at a very reasonable price with decades of experience between us :) If you are looking for an accountant, please click the bottom below to be redirected.

I currently offer online courses that you can download and access to a fantastic membership group where i offer a safe place to talk about accounts and have your questions answered.

I’m passionate about offering high quality support in the way that suits each member's needs and I have a range of services to offer.



What They’re Saying

I would recommend Yarka. She is very professional and as someone who is new to running my own business she has been kind, patient and extremely helpful. She really knows what you need and responds accordingly.


My business was created to allow me to use my expertise and experience to help business owners in a responsive way.

Like many mums in business I often send emails in the evening or even weekends. This is for my convenience and it is your choice when to respond. My working day may not be yours so please don't feel obliged to respond "out of hours"

I set the business up the year my first son was born – which was the year of the Red Monkey in the Chinese calendar…it also turned out that he has red hair and can be a monkey at times! I thought it was quite catchy and use it to name the business.


I believe that championing people to run their own businesses is so important – it’s empowering and freeing.

Action Your Accounts is a private FB group, a safe place to talk about your business accounting pain points, fears and knowhows. I guide you and provide you with the tools to run your business as efficiently as possible without having to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds for an accountant. This is join afford and we will all help each other. 

Be kind and be helpful.

If you have nothing helpful or supportive to say - don't say anything at all.


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